HKIRC Awarded the Caring Organization Logo Four Years in a Row

Hosted by Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the recognition ceremony was held on 10 February 2009 to commend organizations which have been caring for the community through various programmes and initiatives. The ceremony was officiated by the HKSAR Financial Secretary The Honourable John Tsang Chun Wah. In his opening remarks, he encouraged companies to continue giving back to the community at this economically challenging time.

HKIRC participates actively and embarks on a number of CSR initiatives during the past years. They include the setting up of the website in response to the unfortunate Sichuan earthquake, and running a joint eLogo program with Tung Wah Group to encourage accumulative donations via the web. At the same time, HKIRC is launching the programme to help social enterprises and related organizations to establish an online presence cost-effectively. For details of these programmes, please visit or