HKIRC Held “2013 Digital Marketplace Seminar – Online Opportunities for Start-ups” and Announced Price Reduction of .hk Domain Names and Survey Results on “Customer Perception of .hk Domain Name”

Organised by HKIRC, “2013 Digital Marketplace Seminar – Online Opportunities for Start-ups” was held successfully on 1 August 2013 at Cyberport. The seminar, kickstarted by Mr. Daniel Lai, BBS, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, HKSAR Government, was well attended by over 400 participants. At the event, HKIRC announced a 20% reduction in the registration fee of .hk domain names, and also revealed a joint online survey with Hong Kong Baptist University on “Customer Perception of .hk Domain Name”.

Marking its fifth iteration this year, the DMP seminar has evolved into one of the industry’s premier events in Hong Kong that brought together hundreds of IT and business professionals to share best practice, interact over inspiring cases and learn new strategic initiatives for this day-and-age.

Presentation Files 講稿

Opening Speech

Mr. Daniel Lai, BBS, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
政府資訊科技總監 - 賴錫璋先生, BBS, JP

Is Web Accessibility Important for “Start-up” Business?

Mr. Alex Yeung, Senior Systems Manager, Digital Inclusion Division
政府資訊科技總監辦公室數碼共融部高級經理 - 楊保良先生

Future of Online Advertising and Social Media

Mr. Rudi Leung, General Manager, Tribal HK & Guangzhou
Tribal香港及廣州總經理 - 梁志成先生

Opportunities Behind Big Data for SMEs
Big Data為中小企帶來什麼機遇?

Mr. Kenneth Kwok, Manager Director, Beehive Strategy
蜂策略董事總經理 - 郭家俊先生

Ways for Young Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to Tap into Global Markets

Mr. Peter Choi, Managing Director, Palapple (H.K.) Limited
派亞普(香港)有限公司董事總經理 - 蔡智文先生

How Young Entrepreneurs Stand Out Among Other Successful Peers?

Mr. Stark Chan, CEO, Bull.B Tech
Bull.B Tech行政總裁 - 陳易希先生

Announcement of 2013 .hk Domain Name Perception Report

Mr. Jonathan Shea – CEO, HKIRC
香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司行政總裁 – 謝達安先生

Successful Case Sharing 企業成功個案分享
Mr. Terry Chan – Editor,
攝影扎記編輯 - 陳偉諾先生
Mr. Shackie Chan – E-Business Manager, Travel Expert Limited
專業旅運國際有限公司電子商務經理 - 陳敬晧先生

IT Wake Limited
Mr. Ken Law - Director of Administration & Finance
Mr. Alan Chiang - Director of Technology
Mr. Eric Au Yeung - Director of Project Management
IT Wake Limited行政及財務總監 - 羅錦源先生
IT Wake Limited技術總監 - 蔣思卓先生
IT Wake Limited項目管理總監 - 歐陽鎧恒先生

Mr. Keith Rumjahn – CEO, CoachBase
CoachBase行政總裁 - 林基偉先生

Photos 相片

2013 Digital Marketplace Seminar

Video Footage 錄影花絮