Asia Pacific Top Level Domain (APTLD) Meeting 2006

The APTLD Members and Board Meeting, hosted by HKIRC, was held in Hong Kong on June 20-21, 2006. Members from Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Sri Lanka attended the meeting. The meeting began with a welcome speech by the Chairman of the APTLD, Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush. It was followed by a keynote speech by Mr. Christopher To, Chairman of HKIRC. The topics covered in the meeting included updates from APTLD committees on the membership, technical and constitutional issues, APTLD training, etc. A highlight of this meeting was the appointment of the General Manager of APTLD, Mr. Don Hollande. During the meeting, participating members exchanged views, knowledge and experience which forgo closer relationships amongst all of them.

HKIRC welcomed APTLD members with a dinner held on the first day of the meeting. HKIRC Board of Directors joined the dinner and they shared views on the current technological and operational issues with APTLD members. After the meeting closed on June 21, APTLD members went to a local tour by courtesy of HKIRC.