HKIRC’s public announcement on confidentiality and political neutrality

Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) makes the following announcement in response to media reports about certain communications sent from fake email addresses or anonymously by fax to chief editors, with confidential materials enclosed such as letters from legal consultants to HKIRC.

1) Confidential information should always be handled with care. All persons concerned should be reminded of their duty of confidentiality and compliance with the terms of their agreements or undertakings on confidentiality. HKIRC has reported recent cases of unauthorised disclosure of confidential information pertaining to the organisation to the relevant law enforcement agencies, and requested that investigation be conducted as soon as possible.

2) We would like to remind the public that anonymous information should be treated with caution as it may be misleading or subject to misinterpretation, or may cause misunderstanding by not presenting all the facts. At the moment, this case is under investigation by law enforcement agencies. We are in no position to comment on either the content or the authenticity of the confidential information disclosed.