HKIRC Announces First Top Ten ‘.hk’ Website Competition Results
Local SMEs Demonstrate Innovative and Outstanding Use of Internet to Enhance Business Operations
‘.hk’ Domain Name Phishing and Spamvertising Cases Drop 81% in 2009

HONG KONG, February 3, 2010 – Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) today announced that property advertising service website had struck gold in the first Top 10 ‘.hk’ Website Competition in Hong Kong, impressing the judging panel with the effective use of its website as a major revenue source in times of economic crisis. HKIRC also revealed the latest numbers for spamvertising and phishing cases using ‘.hk’ domains, which have continued to decrease in 2009.

The Top 10 ‘.hk’ websites

The Top 10 ‘.hk’ Website Competition aims to encourage local businesses to leverage on ‘.hk’ domain name websites for business operations and showcase their best ‘.hk’ practices. The winners are:

Top 3:
• (Multiple Listing System Limited) – Gold, a property advertising service website, wisely makes use of the information from the Land Registry. The site’s main source of revenue comes from advertising fees, thus ensuring no conflict of interest with property developers and providing an open and fair platform for users.
• ( Company Limited) – Silver serves as a platform for designers and suppliers to conduct transactions and create real business opportunities. It provides a rich source of market information for young designers and creates a link between fresh creative minds and the professional world.
• ( Limited) – Bronze is an educational platform where a group of volunteer doctors give medical advice and participate in healthcare discussions, offering free medical information and providing great social value to the general public.

• (One O One International Limited)
• (MyDress)
• (Downtown Chiropractic Clinic Limited)
• (The Cape Wine and Rooibos Tea Specialist)
• (The Vine)
• (Xell Telecom)
• (Xuan Yuan Education Fund Association)

The Gold Prize winner received HK$40,000 together with a trophy, and will benefit from logo exposure on promotional materials. The Silver, Bronze and Merit Prize winners were awarded HK$20,000, HK$10,000 and HK$1,000 respectively.

“HKIRC’s corporate vision and mission is to facilitate the use of the Internet as an effective tool to help businesses perform better, which helps to reinforce Hong Kong’s role as an international commercial centre and a regional Internet hub. This is strongly reflected in the organisation of this programme and the results have been highly encouraging,” said, Mr. Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC.

"The Top Ten ‘.hk’ Websites selected have all used the Internet to improve business operations. We are very pleased with the quality and diversity of the entries, which show how local SMEs have stepped up in terms of taking advantage of the Internet to enhance their competitiveness,” said Jeremy Godfrey, Government Chief Information Officer and one of the judging panelists.

Continued nurturing of a safe Internet environment

At today’s event, HKIRC also released the latest figures for ‘.hk’ spamvertising and phishing cases in 2009. According to the ‘.hk’ Domain Name Spamvertising & Phishing Report for 2009, 109 ‘.hk’ phishing and spamvertising cases were recorded last year compared to 573 in 2008, reflecting a significant drop of 81% year-on-year. This marks a substantial improvement in ‘.hk’ security, thanks to the stringent and effective measures implemented by HKIRC to identify and handle applications suspected to be made for fraudulent purposes.

“Even though the numbers of phishing and spamvertising cases have reduced dramatically in the past year, we need to further strengthen our efforts to combat these malicious activities. Through continued close collaboration with the monitoring authorities and more education of, and support from, the public we expect to see further improvements toward maintaining a safe Internet community,” said Mr. Shea.

Members of the public are welcome to report any ‘.hk’ spamvertising and phishing websites to HKIRC via email or hotline 2319 1313.

– End –

About the Competition With the mission of fostering e-commerce and Internet development in Hong Kong to serve the best interest of the community, HKIRC has organised the first Top 10 ‘.hk’ Website Competition to provide an effective platform to showcase the benefits and opportunities brought by ‘.hk’ and the Internet to local businesses and organisations.

The competition was open to businesses and organisations with no more than 100 employees to take part in. Judges ranked the entrants based on criteria such as the website’s innovative use of the ‘.hk’ domain, business or organisational transformation brought about by the website and the website’s significance to the market or to the community.

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