'Love4.hk’ Program Offers ‘One-Stop’ Web Services
Consolidating the Power of Love and Care
Building a City of Harmony Together

Hong Kong,May 28, 2008 – Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Ltd. (HKDNR) launched the ‘Love 4.hk’ program to help building up cohesion to care for the community through the Internet, with an aim to move together towards a harmonious society in Hong Kong. The targeted segments are charitable organizations, non-profit-making and related parties who are involved in setting up or running Social Enterprises. Apart from getting the 2-year waiver on new ‘.hk’ domain registrations, eligible parties and organizations can now enjoy ‘one-stop’ services such as web hosting and storage via service partners of HKDNR.

Mr Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKDNR said, ‘Being a corporation with strong sense of social responsibility, HKDNR has been offering full support to social and community events. Last year, we had extended the free ‘.hk’ domain name registration services to Social Enterprises. Now we are partnering with service partners to provide ‘one-stop’ services to help organizations to leverage on the prevailing advantages and effectiveness of Internet, thereby facilitating development of social enterprises with sustainability.’

Social Enterprises targeting at local community can benefit a lot from websites with ‘.hk’ domains. A ‘.hk’ domain website can facilitate instant news dissemination, mutual interaction and communications. Moreover, this identity also enhances localization and recognition and helps to consolidate cohesive forces on the internet. The free provision of 2-year ‘one-stop’ web services will be helping members of social enterprises to achieve low cost, high efficiency business and sustainability.

Eligible charitable organizations and their subsidiaries, and Social Enterprises can register a new Chinese or English ‘.hk.’ or ‘.org.hk’ or ‘.組織.hk’ domain name with first 2-year fee waived. Supporting companies with one-stop services include: Nethub, Sanesys, UDomain, Webhost and Website Solution. Promotional period till September 30, 2008. For details of service partners,please click here

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Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) is a non-profit making organization endorsed by the Government of the HKSAR to oversee the administration and assignment of the Internet domain names ending with ‘.hk’. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR), HKIRC provides registration services for the English domain names ending with ‘.com.hk’, ‘org.hk’, ‘net.hk’, ‘edu.hk’, ‘gov.hk’, ‘idv.hk’, ‘.hk’ and Chinese domain names ending with ‘.公司.hk’, ‘.組織.hk’, ‘.網絡.hk’, ‘教育.hk’, ‘政府.hk’, ‘個人.hk’, ‘.hk’; and other domains to be introduced from time to time in Hong Kong.

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