goIPv6 Consortium Launches Free IPv6 Tunneling Service
Enabling Hong Kong People to Experience the Next Generation of Internet

HONG KONG, 11 July, 2013 – The goIPv6 Consortium today announced the availability of “goIPv6” service, a free IPv6 tunneling service for Hong Kong users. With the goIPv6 platform, users can connect to the IPv6 Internet through their existing IPv4 network connection and can experience the future of the Internet in an IPv6 environment. By providing a free tunneling service, the Consortium hopes that local website owners and users will gain experience on IPv6 deployment, eventually driving the demand of commercial IPv6 services in Hong Kong.

The Internet has become saturated due to its explosive growth and the sheer number of devices that need to access it. As IPv4 can only provide 4.3 billion unique addresses, less than half of world’s total population, IPv6 adoption is inevitable and critical. It is also important for local enterprises to transition to IPv6 to further establish Hong Kong as the leading IT hub in the region. Due to these factors, the “goIPv6” Consortium was formed with members from Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK), New Sky Internet Ltd, NTT Communications and TraxComm, as well as two sponsoring organisations: Juniper Networks and Cyberport. By leveraging their expertise and resources, the Consortium provides free tunneling service with local support, as a way to boost IPv6 adoption and encourage the industry to create more products and services.

"There is a shortage of IPv4 addresses and the pace of IPv6 adoption has been accelerating. I envisage that a lot of IP addresses will be required to support new and emerging applications arising from 4G networks and beyond as well as the Internet of Things. The goIPv6 service launched today is an important step to get the industry better prepared for the business opportunities brought about by IPv6," said Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer.

According to the latest report by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Hong Kong’s overall ranking dropped from the most competitive economy to third this year. As one of the core pillars of the Hong Kong economy, the IT industry has been facing fierce competition in the region. “With more application development coming from IPv6 adoption, it will further promote the IT industry, as well as help Hong Kong regain its competitiveness in the region. The technical advantages of IPv6 over its predecessor will become the foundation of new innovative products and services as well,” said Mr. Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC. “Any further delay of IPv6 migration will hinder the growth of the Internet and the development of e-Commerce, as the IPv4 address space can no longer support the evolving demand.”

“Over the years, Internet Society Hong Kong has worked closely with the Government and the industry to proactively promote IPv6 deployment, leading Hong Kong to the next generation of the Internet. While the local Internet infrastructure already supported IPv6, the launch of goIPv6 service by the industry partners will allow local people to experience the next generation of Internet. This not only represents a new milestone but further encourages the industry to launch IPv6 products and services, eventually paving the way for the future development of Hong Kong” said Prof. Joseph Ng, Vice Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong.

“Enterprises should not under estimate the need and urgency of IPv6 transition. The emerging of Cloud, Big Data, as well as the Internet of Things, are all multiplying the number of IPv6 addresses we need. To remain competitive in the connected world, especially those dedicated to online business, IPv6 transition is the way out for enterprises who want to stay ahead of the game. NTT Communications, as a leading IPv6 pioneer operating one of the largest Tier-1 IPv6 backbones in the world, is committed in providing stable and reliable dual stack IP4/IP6 international Internet connectivity enabling business continuation for enterprises,” said Mr. Patrick Ng, Executive Vice President, Global Network Business Division, NTT Com Asia Ltd.

With the goIPv6 service, the Consortium allows local Internet users and website owners to have first-hand experience of connecting to the IPv6 network, on top of the IPv4 network. Through a simple registration and set-up process on the service portal, www.goIPv6.hk, users will get an IPv6 address for their devices or websites over the IPv4 network, giving them access to both the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet. As some companies are running out of IP addresses, such as Internet Service Providers, telecommunications carriers, and companies running popular websites are on top of the IPv6 deployment, this is critical. In addition to the one-year free IPv6 tunneling service, it also ensures that local companies are armed with the knowledge they need to be successful in their transition to IPv6 and prepared for the next Internet generation.

For more information on the “goIPv6” service, please visit https://www.goipv6.hk/

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What is IPv6

As the existing IPv4 address space has already been exhausted in early 2011, if appropriate action is not taken, Internet users may have to take up the risk of cost increase and limited online usage. To face this challenge, the transition of the Internet to IPv6 is the only available long-term solution to IPv4 exhaustion.

About goIPv6 Consortium

The goIPv6 Consortium aims to encourage the industry and network users to migrate to IPv6 as IPv4 addresses are running out. It also provides the local community with a chance to experience the next generation of Internet and be well prepared for Internet development and opportunities in the future.

Members of the goIPv6 Consortium include Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK), New Sky Internet Ltd, NTT Communications and TraxComm. Members of the Consortium and sponsoring organisations play an important role in the “goIPv6” project. HKIRC is responsible for the project planning, development and operation of “goIPv6” platform and customer support. NTT Communications provides dual stack IPv4/IPv6 international Internet Connectivity. TraxComm provides hosting facility and local connectivity. New Sky Internet Ltd provides technical support, ISOC HK collaborates on community promotion, and Cyberport encourages and facilitates industry participation. Juniper Networks offers the core equipment to support the service.

The goIPv6 Consortium, together with Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer, and Mr. Charles Mok, Member of Legislative Council, officiated the launch of free IPv6 tunneling service.

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