HKIRC Awarded Happy Organisation Label, CarbonSmart Program and Carbon Reduction Certificate Logos


HONG KONG, 14 July 2014 – Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) has received the Happy Organisation label (Label), CarbonSmart Program and Carbon Reduction Certificate logos (Logos) presented by The Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and Hong Kong Productivity Council respectively. The Label is used to commend organisations that are contributing to the establishment of happy workplaces while the Logos recognize companies that have made substantial efforts in carbon reduction.

“We regard our staff as the most important asset of the company and aim to align our staff’s personal goals with our corporate vision to build a committed workforce. We aim to raise the happiness-at-work level, providing ongoing training and guidance to increase job satisfaction and morale among employees,” said Mr Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKIRC.

Jonathan added, “As a happy organisation, HKIRC always strives to foster a harmonious and efficient workplace, encouraging staff to take part in life-work balance activities. For example, HKIRC organised an employee outing to Lamma Island in December last year and hosted an Open Day for all employees’ family members.”

Promoting energy saving is also part of HKIRC’s sustainability strategy. To combat climate change, HKIRC published a guideline, suggesting practices that can help company achieve Carbon Neutral in the workplace.

With the guideline in place, staff can effectively achieve a green workplace. For example, stickers are placed on main switches to remind staff to turn off lights and air-conditioners when not used, to use energy-saving LEDs and T5 lighting to save electricity, to purchase eco-friendly electrical appliances whenever possible and to choose data centres that are energy efficient. As a result, carbon consumption will be reduced, leading to a low carbon future and the betterment of Hong Kong living environment.

Details of Happy Organisation Label Scheme, the CarbonSmart Program and the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence, please visit to, and respectively.

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Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) is a non-profit-distributing, non-statutory company limited by guarantee designated by the Government of the HKSAR to undertake the administration of Internet domain names under the .hk and .香港 country code top level domain. HKIRC provides registration services for English domain names ending with,,,,,, .hk and Chinese domain names ending with .公司.香港, .組織.香港, .網絡.香港, .教育.香港, .政府.香港, .個人.香港, .香港, and other domains to be introduced from time to time in Hong Kong.

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