HKIRC Announces ‘Best .hk Website Awards 2016’ is Now Open for Entry

Nurturing technology start-ups in Hong Kong to develop high quality websites

HONG KONG, 11 November 2016 – Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) today announced that the ‘Best .hk Website Awards 2016’ (the Awards) is now open for nomination and entry until 12:00 noon on 5 Jan 2017. Organised for the eighth consecutive year, the Awards program has fulfilled its mission of recognising outstanding .hk websites for their best practices in use of technology and website development.

“We have been very impressed with the high quality of participating websites throughout these years. We believe the Awards program has raised the awareness of what makes a good website across many industries in Hong Kong. In particular, the efforts and commitments made by the awardees have demonstrated outstanding website practices, serving as a role model to start-ups in Hong Kong, further inspiring more local start-ups to create their own websites and digital assets.” said Mr. Simon Chan, Chairman of HKIRC.

As shown in the latest survey by InvestHK, there are 1,926 start-ups registered in Hong Kong, representing a 24% increase from last year’s figures. As such, it is crucial for these start-ups to master the knowledge and skills on branding and e-commerce through building a good and secured website.

According to a global consultancy study by Compass, Hong Kong ranks fifth in terms of fastest growing start-up ecosystem and the world's top 25 start-up hubs. In 2015, the number of start-ups in Hong Kong grew by 46 per cent Y-o-Y. At the same time, there are over 40 incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces operating in Hong Kong. The Awards encourage both technology start-ups as well as local start-ups from different sectors to take part in the competition. Winners will be invited to showcase their award-winning websites and share their best practices of website development among the community.

This year, the “Most Liked .hk Website” and the “Most Honorable Website” Awards will be retained in the Awards Program. In addition, there will be a “Best New Website” Award to acknowledge new entrants for their outstanding efforts made since 2015.

Top winners will be announced at the Awards presentation ceremony. Apart from the cash prize of up to HK$12,000, winners will also have the opportunity to recognise their achievements publicly and share the best practices through various occasions and speaking engagements.

Prizes and entitlements to awardees*:




A: Commercial

Best .hk Commercial Website Award 
(with less than 100 employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

Trophies or certificates, and cash HK$5,000 – HK$12,000

Best .hk Commercial Website Award 
(with 100 or more employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

Trophies or certificates

B: Non-commercial

Best .hk Non-commercial Website Award 
(with less than 100 employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

Trophies or certificates, and cash HK$5,000 – HK$12,000

Best .hk Non-commercial Website Award 
(with 100 or more employees) (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

C: Government Departments

Best .hk Government Website Award (Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

Trophies or certificates

D: LegCo Members

Best .hk LegCo Members Website Award 
(Gold/ Silver/ Bronze)

* Winners of other relevant awards such as The Most Honorable Award, The Most Liked .hk Website Award, The Best New Website, The Best Nominator Award, etc. will receive trophies only. Further details for the aforesaid four categories will be announced in due course.

For more details on the Best .hk Website Awards, please visit You can also connect with HKIRC on Facebook for latest news and updates.



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