HONG KONG, 28 June, 2006 - Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) and its wholly owned subsidiary Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR) jointly announce today the results of Public Consultation on .hk Chinese Domain Name Soft Launch and Reserved .hk Chinese Domain Name Categories.

The Public Consultation was held between 27 February and 13 April this year on two areas: soft launch arrangement on .hk Chinese Domain Name Categories and Reserved .hk Chinese Domain Name Categories. Announcement was posted on local Chinese and English newspapers, and media interviews were conducted in relation to the Public Consultation. The Consultation paper was dispatched through Government departments, local trade associations, I.T. associations, professional groups and other representatives to their members or associates. Email announcement was also sent to all .hk domain name holders. The consultation paper was available for download on the website of HKDNR for public comment.

A total of 12 submissions were received in the consultation period, of which 1 was a submission from individual and 11 were submitted by organizations and companies. The public was generally in support of the proposed soft launch arrangement and the reserved domain name categories. The comments received had been considered in detail by the Chinese Domain Name Public Consultation Committee (“CDN Public Consultation Committee”) composed of members of the HKIRC Board of Directors and external individuals.

Mr. Jonathan Shea, Chief Executive Officer of HKDNR said, “The feedback helps us identify the areas where we shall put more focus on.”

Shea added, “The respondents greatly support our proposal of giving priority of registration to existing .hk domain name holders and Government authorities in the HKSAR.”

Shea continued, “We have received some high quality comments which helped us refine the rules and procedure of the soft launch arrangement. Valuable comments were also received on categories of reserved names.”

“After careful consideration, we made some changes on the original proposal on .hk Chinese Domain Name Soft Launch and Reserved .hk Chinese Domain Name Categories”

“There will be eligibility requirement on registering <.個人.hk>. Copy of HK Identify Card showing that the domain name is the legal name of the registrant will be needed for verification.”

“If there are more than one applicant of the same Chinese .hk domain name in the soft launch period for Trademark / Service mark holders, priority will be given to the applicant also holding an existing .hk domain name with earliest commencement date.

“If there are more than one application of the same Chinese .hk domain name in the soft launch period for existing .hk domain name holders, priority will be given to applicants who can produce proof demonstrating similarity between the registered English .hk domain name and the Chinese .hk domain name in addition to other priority determinant(s).”

“Restriction on registering .hk Chinese domain name of the name of Government authorities was added in order to minimize public confusion. Only Government authorities can register those names.”

A Soft Launch Period Rules for .hk Chinese Domain Names will be published before the beginning of Soft Launch Period.

All submissions received during the Public Consultation period as well as the determinations made by the CDN Public Consultation Committee on these comments have been put on the official website of HKDNR ( for access by the public.


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