HONG KONG, 6th April 2004 - Further to the Priority Registration Period, Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited ('HKIRC') and its wholly owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited ('HKDNR'), jointly announce today the commencement of the Pre-Registration Period from 12:00 noon 6 April 2004 to 5:30pm on 7 May 2004 for the new Second-Level '.hk' Domain Name ('2LD'), a definitive online identity of Hong Kong.

Same as the previous Priority Registration Period for 2LD, applications from organizations and individuals from both local and overseas will be entertained if applicants have currently registered exactly matched 3rd level domain names under the HKDNR Registration Agreement. According to Mr Joseph Yu, Chairman of the Board of HKIRC, more applications will be received during this period as compared to the previous Priority Registration Period, which only allowed holders of Hong Kong Trademarks applying for domain names exactly matched with their corresponding marks.

During this period, holders of '' domain name will enjoy the first priority of registration, which is followed by statutory bodies. If no application is from '' holders and statutory organizations, holders of '', '', '', '' whose registration has the earliest commencement date will be given priority of registration. Among holders of all third level categories, '' holders can enjoy the privilege of pre-registration if no application is from organizational domain name holders.

Following the Pre-Registration Period will be the Sunrise Period from 17-May-04 to 28-May-04, which allows individuals and organizations from the public to apply for any of their favourite names. Finally, we will have the 2LD official launch on 31-May-04. More information on 2LD can be referred to


Hong Kong Internet Registration Cooperation Limited ('HKIRC') and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited ('HKDNR'), are non-profit making entities endorsed by the Government of HKSAR to oversee the administration and assignment of the Internet domain names ending with '', '', '', '', '', '', as well as the new Second-Level '.hk' Domain Name and other domains to be introduced from time to time in Hong Kong.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact our Marketing and Communication Officer, Ms Lute Yip at +852 2319 3824 for details.