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The Program

TRUSTED .hk Registrar Program

Trusted .hk Registrar Program

Trusted .hk Registrar Program is an accreditation program provided by HKIRC to its accredited registrars in Hong Kong. This is an initiative to encourage the achievement of security standard by Registrars to uphold confidence of .hk users, and meanwhile recognize registrars their high standard in providing .hk domain name registration service. Local registrars achieving the prescribed security criteria are rewarded the designation of "Trusted .hk Registrar".

Trusted .hk Registrar will be granted…

  • A "Trusted .hk Registrar" Certificate
  • A "Trusted .hk Registrar" Web Logo
  • The right to use both the Certificate and Logo
  • Customer confidence due to the high standard of internet security
  • A superior reputation within the industry

Two Types of Certificates are…

  • Trusted .hk Registrar
  • Gold Trusted .hk Registrar
Trusted .hk Registrar Gold Trusted .hk Registrar

Participants are…

  • HKIRC-Accredited Registrars in Hong Kong

Criteria are…

  • Information Security Policy should be in place. Public have been well informed via the registrar’s website
  • Incident Response Procedure and Business Continuity Plan should be in place. Public have been well informed via the registrar’s website
  • Incident response drill should be conducted at least once a year
  • Fast response to phishing reports and security incidents should be committed
  • Functions to safeguard the security of domain name holders should be provided when managing their domain names online, e.g. 2-factor authentication, e-Certificate, etc. by logging in domain name accounts on the registrar’s website, and
  • High standard of service level commitments should be offered to customers in the past years. The service level commitments to customers are usually above the industry standards on domain name related service such as availability of DNS Hosting, website, email service, etc.

Upgrade to a “Gold Trusted .hk Registrar” by fulfilling any 3 of the following requirements in addition…

  • Provision of DNSSEC
  • Conduct security audit not less than once every 5 years
  • Be ISO27001 Certified
  • Provide 24x7 hotline service
  • Provide domain name related security services e.g. registrar lock, anycast, .hk LOCK, etc.

The next step is…

Registrar can fill out the Application Form, and send to HKIRC by email to, fax to +852 2319 2626 or mail to Unit 501, Level 5, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong.

The application procedures…

Submission of application form
HKIRC or its appointed independent auditors conduct audit on the application. Applicant is requeted to provide relevant documents or information
HKIRC announces accreditation result
HKIRC grants the successful registrar the “Trusted .hk Registrar” Certificate and Logo
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