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2015.hk網上問卷跳查 Online Survey
共享經濟,香港準備好了嗎? Sharing Economy: Is Hong Kong Ready?
完成 .hk 網上問卷調查,即有機會贏取高達 港幣$1,000現金券! Complete .hk online survey for a chance to win up to HK$1,000 cash coupon!
首20名個獲$25 Startbucks禮券 The first 20 respondents: $25 Starbucks coupon each
其後第50名,第100名,第150名,第200名,及第250名:個獲得$100Hagen-Dazs禮券 ($50禮券了兩張) For the 50th, the 100th, the 150th, the 200th and the 250th respondent: $100Haagen-Dazs coupon each (2 coupons worth $50 each)
其後第300名及第350名各獲得$500超市禮券($100禮券五張) For the 300th and the 350th respondent, $500 supermarket coupon each (5 coupons worth $100 each)
其後第400名及500名各獲得$1,000百老匯電器禮卷 For the 400th and 500th respondent $1,000 Broadway coupon each
如有任何爭議,香港互聯網註冊管理有限公司將保留最終決定權。-HKIRC reserves the rights to make the final decision in case of any disputes.