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Event Name HKIRC held “Sharing Economy – Opportunities and Threats” Seminar and announced survey results on “Sharing Economy: Is Hong Kong Ready?”
Date 13 August 2015
Brief Description
Organised by HKIRC, the 7th Digital Marketplace Seminar themed the “Sharing Economy – Opportunities and Threats” held on 13 August 2015 at Cyberport was concluded with applause and success. The seminar, kickstarted by Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer, OGCIO, HKSAR Government, was attended by close to 450 participants who acquired first-hand market intelligence and explored new opportunities for digital markets.

At the event, HKIRC announced the result of an online survey titled “Sharing Economy: Is Hong Kong Ready?”. The survey aimed to get better understanding on what people think Sharing Economy would mean to them, as well as the market opportunities and its benefits for Hong Kong as a whole. Moreover, it attempted to add insights to the Sharing Economy by studying users’ behavior and their motivation to participate. In general, there are significant and positive relationships between past experience, education level and acceptance of Sharing Economy.

Marking its seventh iteration this year, the DMP seminar has evolved into one of industry’s premier events, gathering online business frontrunners, Internet industry leaders, leading organisations and .hk customers from,,,,,,, and to exchange views and share their successful experience and tips.

Presentation Files 講稿

Opening Speech
Ir. Allen YEUNG - Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
政府資訊科技總監 - 楊德斌先生

Innovations in Lending
Mr Simon LOONG - Founder and CEO, WeLab Ltd.
WeLab Ltd. 創辦人及行政總裁 - 龍沛智先生

Export-Trade E-commerce Strategy for Sharing Economy
Mr Rick NG - Head of Sales, Hong Kong Ltd.
阿里巴巴香港 銷售總經理 - 吳增炫先生

Leverage Social Media Sharing to Spur Innovation
Mr Ken CHAN - Managing Director, ICGX Asia Ltd.
ICGX Asia Ltd. 董事總經理 - 陳啟源先生

Is Sharing Economy Relevant to SMEs?

Mr Antony WONG - Co-founder, Around Technology Ltd.
Around Technology Ltd. 共同創辦人 - 黃景龍先生

Innovate or Adapt? New Rules for SMEs to Secure Online Business
Mr Matthew KWAN - Principal Consultant, Adams Company Ltd.
白武士有限公司首席顧問 - 關廣智先生

Secret Weapons in Building the Sharing Economy
Ms Xania WONG - Founder and CEO,
職到 創辦人及行政總裁 - 黃貝芝小姐

Challenges of Running the Sharing Economy Company: Insider's View

Mr Elliot LEUNG - Founder and CEO, Gaifong (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Gaifong (Hong Kong) Ltd.創辦人及行政總裁 - 梁懷宇先生

Car Sharing – What’s Next for the Sharing Economy?
汽車共享 — 共享經濟的未來想像
Ms Joyce KAN - Founding Member, 創辦人 - 簡雪忻小姐

Creating a StoryWorld - Online Co-creation and Collaboration
創造故事世界 - 集體創作的無限可能

Mr Kevin SUNG - Co-founder, Penana Ltd.
Penana Ltd. 共同創辦人 - 宋啓鋒先生

Sharing Economy: Building Successful Partnership Strategy
共享經濟: 夥伴策略致勝之道

Mr Steve NG - Senior Vice President, Product Marketing & Solutions Consulting, Commercial Group. HKT
香港電訊 商業客戶業務、產品市務及方案顧問處高級副總裁吳家隆先生

Online Survey Result of "Sharing Economy: Is Hong Kong Ready?「共享經濟︰香港準備好了嗎?」調查報告
Mr Jonathan SHEA - CEO, HKIRC

Online Survey Infographic (English version)
調查報告圖表 (中文版)