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Event Name The Award Ceremony of Best .hk Website Awards 2016 Successfully Completed
Event Type Winners of "Best .hk Website Awards 2016"
Date 20 April 2017
Ranking Categories
Commercial – Corporate Stream Commercial – SME Stream Non Commercial – Corporate Stream Non Commercial – SME Stream
Gold Prize of MTR Corporation Ltd. of Ztore HK Limited of The University of Hong Kong of AIDS Concern
Silver Prize N/A N/A of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority of Ocean Park Corporation of PMQ Management Co. Ltd.
Bronze Prize of Pricerite Stores Limited of Deals Hong Kong of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University of The Conservancy Association


Ranking Categories
Government Departments LegCo Members
Gold Prize of Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hon Charles Peter MOK, JP
Silver Prize of Hong Kong Police Force of Hongkong Post of Dr Hon Elizabeth QUAT, JP
Bronze Prize N/A of Dr Hon Fernando CHEUNG Chiu-hung


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