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HKIRC 3 Core Values

Domain names on the Internet are like the address of a business, allowing customers to easily contact each other. As its name suggests, .hk is a top-level domain name that represents Hong Kong and is an indicator of the confidence and commitment of a company to its customers. When choosing a domain name for registration, companies can consider their business direction. .hk will be the best choice if the focus is more on the Hong Kong market or to highlight the confidence and assurance of “” as the selling point. The 3 core values of .hk are: maintain the security and reliability of .hk, connect with Hong Kong’s advantages and uphold market commitment.


The first category of company is based on security considerations, considering the stringent requirements for .hk domain name application, the use of .hk domain name can enhance consumer confidence in online shopping and protect online assets. The second type is for companies that want to highlight their connection with Hong Kong, and to build an image on the high quality of Hong Kong products and enter the overseas or mainland market. If one targets the local market, .hk domain names can also reflect the direct connection between Hong Kong and your business, creating a brand image of Hong Kong sentiment. The third category is for companies that are committed to the Hong Kong market. Internationally recognized brands can show their determination to develop the local market and at the same time letting customers know that they can easily contact customer service based in Hong Kong when they encounter any technical problems, thus boosting customer confidence.


Safe & Secured

To create a secure Internet environment, HKIRC hugely invests its resources in strengthening and maintaining the stability of .hk infrastructure every year. As the .hk domain name registry, HKIRC has been making every effort to improve the administration mechanism. Each applicant is required to submit documentation to prove that it is a valid Hong Kong registered business entity, so that public can assure that it is a certified company.


A research of phishing websites in mid-2020 showed that of the more than 110,000 phishing websites worldwide, more than half were registered in .com domains (over 50,000), while only 12 (0.01%) were registered in .hk domains for the entire year. The percentage of .hk phishing websites is extremely low compared to other .com domains and it means that .hk websites are far more secure than websites registered with other domain names on the Internet.


To strengthen the Internet security, HKIRC offers .hk users free website security scanning service to identify website vulnerabilities and potential network security risks. .hk has also deployed the DNSSEC and has one of the highest adoption rates of this security tool in Asia, effectively enhancing the security of .hk against phishing websites. For businesses or consumers, a secure and reliable Internet environment helps protect online assets and enhances consumer confidence in making online purchases on .hk.


Case Sharing

Comany Details

Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

As Hong Kong’s first virtual insurance company, Bowtie uses to expand their online insurance business. Unlike .com and other domains, they believe the registration of .hk is stringent and that the overall .hk domain name is more secure than other domain names such as .com, effectively reducing the threat of phishing websites. Website security holds an important part in the insurance business, thus Bowtie believes that using a domain name will not only help recruit new customers, but also increase customer confidence in online transactions. 

>> Bowtie


When Syncab was first established, they only had mobile application and telephone hotline, but later found that it was not easy for passengers to download the mobile application and that a website would increase the trust of users when promoting the service. They believe that a secure domain name is a priority for its website as its booking services involves customer contact information, therefore they domain name to enhance customer confidence.

>> Syncab


Local Connection

It can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Hong Kong's products and services have always been highly regarded and have earned a reputation for quality; therefore, customers are confident in Hong Kong products. If companies want to connect its brand with the unique Hong Kong image, .hk is perfect to connect both. When a customer sees a .hk website, they will know the business is based in Hong Kong, relating its product or services quality to be liable. This will increase the business opportunity in the overseas market and that is especially important in today’s digital business era.

  2. When enterprises target the Hong Kong market, using .hk will not only mark their commitment to the local market, but will also help the SEO ranking with the local search engine. For companies with local sentiment as their brand image, .hk domain name can also highlight the inseparable relationship with Hong Kong and show its business is tied with Hong Kong.


Case Sharing

Company Details

Chewy International Foods Ltd.

Hong Kong-based local brand Chewy International Foods Limited has registered since 1998. As Chewy's main business is food manufacturing, it is important for Chewy to build up a brand image of quality products. The use of the .hk domain name precisely reflects the location of the company's business and is reminiscent of Hong Kong's quality food manufacturing, enhancing the confidence of local and overseas consumers in the products.

>> Chewy

Perfume Trees Gin

With business themed with the local culture, Perfume Trees Gin registered .hk in 2019. They choose to use .hk as their products are inspired by the unique Hong Kong culture, and would want to emphasize their connection with Hong Kong. Customers will relate their brand with “Hong Kong products are recognised as quality goods” and increase the confidence of their products for local and overseas customers. Using .hk also echoes with the company’s local image, creating intimacy with customers.

>> Perfumes Tree Gin

PixelByte Technology

PixelByte Technology is a typical Hong Kong SME company. In keeping with the company's Hong Kong-based image, and its clients are mainly local companies, the company used as its domain name when it was established in 2011.

>> PixelByte Technology


Market Commitment

Each region has its own unique culture, for multinational corporations or internationally renowned brands, entering the Hong Kong market will first consider using .hk domain names to demonstrate their commitment to the Hong Kong market and to differentiate their marketing strategies to meet the needs of the local market. Using .hk domain names also helps foreign companies to reinforce their commitment to support local customers and enhance their image of focusing on the Hong Kong market.


Case Sharing

Company Details


Based in Denmark, Jabra registered its .hk domain name in 2004 even before entering the Hong Kong market, and the domain name has been used ever since. The reason behind this is to show business localization and determination in Hong Kong. By using a .hk website just for the Hong Kong customer shows their commitment to their local customers. With a localised website, Jabra lets customers know that when facing technical problems, they can always count on their local customer service team. They are committed to providing quality customer service and thus enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

>> Jabra