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HKIRC CEO was invited to attend the “www.freedom Web-Accessibility” event

25 March 2023

HKIRC CEO Ir Wilson Wong was invited to attend the “www.freedom Web-Accessibility” event hosted by JCI Dragon on 25th March as a guest speaker to share his insights on cyber security in accessible networks. The event also invited individuals with physical or language disabilities to explain firsthand how accessible web design can help them use the Internet more easily.


HKIRC has always been actively promoting the popularization and application of Internet, and bringing more convenience to citizens' lives. One of our important tasks is to promote network accessibility and cyber security, such as launching the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme and the free web scan projects. In fact, adding accessible design to web pages not only helping people with special needs use the Internet more easily, but also improve cyber security levels, such as helping visually impaired people avoid network phishing and malicious software attacks, or helping hearing-impaired people avoid voice fraud. This reduces the risk of network and malicious attacks, thereby protecting user data security and privacy.


HKIRC will continue to promote related work on web accessibility and cyber security, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience and safety brought by the Internet.


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