Public Mission

HKIRC Cybersec Training Hub

2 August 2022

Introduction of the Programme

Cybersec Training Hub is a complimentary self-learning platform initiated by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), which aims to lower the threshold for organisations to provide cybersecurity trainings to employees, particularly for SMEs with limited. Our vision is to jointly build Hong Kong into a healthier and safer cyber-smart city by enhancing cybersecurity awareness among different industries and employees, as well as reducing cybersecurity risks from the source.


Objectives of the Programme

  • Offer complimentary resources for organisations to provide cybersecurity trainings to employees
  • Raise employees’ awareness and interests in cybersecurity through interactive training elements
  • Jointly build Hong Kong into a healthier and safer cyber-smart city


How to Start

  1. Bookmark the website of Cybersec Training Hub (
  2. Schedule the training for your employees flexibly. On-boarding training for new joiners are highly recommended.
  3. Employees will receive an e-certificate after completing the 20-minute online self-training
  4. Send the e-certificate to HR/managers as a training record



Benefits of the Programme


Tailor-made training content

  • Professional training content provided by well-known Big-4 cybersecurity consultancy firms
  • User-friendly, interactive, and ready-to-use
  • Available in Traditional Chinese and English

Cybersecurity topics in real-life business environment

  • Introduce cyber risks in real life working scenario
  • Trainings targeting at different job positions (e.g., HR, Finance, etc.)

Complimentary and easy-to-use for all SMEs

  • Complimentary platform
  • Flexible online trainings with no login required
  • Layman-friendly content
  • E-Certificate to be issued after trainings


Download the Promotion Leaflet here (available in Traditional Chinese only)

Visit to start your free training NOW!




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