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HKIRC Cyber Youth Programme - Game aided Learning for Cyber Security

20 May 2022

Introduction of the Programme

Cyber Youth Programme - Game aided Learning for Cyber Security is a programme initiated by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), which aim to education cybersecurity knowledge and skills via fun channels to students from primary schools or above.

The programme includes: 1. Mini-Games and 2. Comic, which cover three cybersecurity topics that students commonly faced in usual daily life:

  • Account - How to protect their accounts of devices and software
  • Website - Understand the potential risks of browsing on the internet and stay alert
  • Phishing - How to identify suspicious messages and avoid fall into the traps


Objectives of the Programme

  • Enhance cybersecurity awareness among students, teachers and parents
  • “Gamification” the difficult concept of cybersecurity to facilitate the education and teaching
  • Raise interests of students towards cybersecurity


The 1st Cybersecurity Quiz Competition for Primary School Students


The 1st Cybersecurity Quiz Competition for Primary School Students organized by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) and co-organised by Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited (Cyberport) has been successfully held on 14 January 2023. Thank you for the participation of all schools, teachers and students on the event.


Click here to know more about the event details and awardees’ list.




The latest game “UFO Catcher (Cyber Security ver.)” has been put on the stage!

Try the new game by login to EdCity's “Small Campus” ( and choose the games! (Available in Traditional Chinese only)


In addition to the 7 Cyber Security mini-games co-developed by HKIRC and EdCity that are currently available on EdCity’s game platform “Small Campus”, more mini-games will be launched in the future.

Stay tuned!




Fun Question Game

(Cyber Security ver.)


There will be total 15 levels of multiple choices question from a pool of 150+ cybersecurity-related questions from the topics - Account, Website and Phishing. Players need to choose the correct answer from 4 choices to reach the top of it.


Whac-A-Mole (Cyber Security ver.)


Themed as domain name and safe browsing, the game has 5 stages in total. Players start from the easiest to the hardest stage by stage, and win the game by successfully choosing the correct answer.


Fishing (Cyber Security ver.)


The aim of the game is to teach players how to set a password up to standard. Within the time limit, players need to follow the instruction of the question, select a password that meets the requirements, and get the highest score.


Horse Racing (Cyber Security ver.)


The game features account and password security. Players can use DotDot and friends to join the competition together. Get the horses to run faster and win the game by answering network security questions correctly.


Can Factory (Cyber Security ver.)


The goal of the game is to learn more about the structure of the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and how to determine a correct domain name, so that players can be more careful when typing and clicking on the links in daily life.


UFO Catcher (Cyber Security ver.)


The game covers different areas of Cyber Security knowledge. Players need to identify the correct answer within the time limit in order to win more rewards.


Drum beat (Cyber Security ver.)


The game is themed with online game security. In this game, players team up with Dotdot to complete sentences about cybersecurity best practices within a set time limit. As players continue to provide correct answers in succession, they can earn additional combo scores.




Besides the mini-games, HKIRC also develop a comic as learning materials on the same topics - Account, Website and Phishing.

Meet our Cybersecurity Ambassador “DotDot” (點點) and his friends in the comic to see what cybersecurity issues they faced in their daily life and how to protect against it to be a smart Cyber Youth! Let's download the eBook to check it out! 


Download the eBook for Free:  Click Here to Download! (Available in Traditional Chinese only)



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