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Web Accessibility

17 June 2021
Accessible Website Sponsorship Programme
HKIRC is currently inviting charitable organisation which is not-for-profit in nature and holding website to apply to this Programme. By nominating and enhancing your website to fulfill the respective web accessibility criteria, a maximum amount of HK$8,000 could be reimbursed to your organisation upon fulfilling the requirement.
4 January 2021
Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme
Get recognised on web accessibility   The Internet is an integral part of our lives. By connecting the Internet through computers and mobile devices, one can easily access the Internet for the latest information, entertainment, online shopping, and services, or interacting with friends and families. Everyone, including people with or without disabilities, has the right to access the internet at the convenience at their fingertips. To enterprises and organisations, an accessible Internet not only helps business development but also contributes to building an inclusive society.   By incorporating web accessibility designs, organisations would: Comply with the legal requirement on protection against disability discrimination Fulfill social responsibility and project positive corporate image Reach more customers by making online services easy-to-use and easy-to-search by everyone Make online services easier-to-maintain by adopting the good coding practices of web accessibility design Contribute to building a caring and inclusive society   For more details, please visit the Scheme website: