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Be among the first in Hong Kong to experience what the future of the Internet is like. Sign up for goIPv6 to get your “tunnel” to the IPv6 world in less than 10 minutes.

Most computers on the Internet are still using IPv4 addresses, which are quickly running out. Sooner or later we will have to adopt IPv6 addressing. goIPv6, offered by the goIPv6 Consortium, is an IPv6 tunnelling service for the public of Hong Kong, giving you access to both the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet.

goIPv6 will assign to your device or website an IPv6 address over the IPv4 network you are currently connected to, after an easy and simple registration and set-up process.

  • What is IPv6 and why it matters?

    IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) address standard that provides a lot more IP addresses than IPv4 and will eventually replace IPv4, the protocol most Internet services use today. You can refer to the Internet Society website for more details.

  • What is IPv6 tunnelling?

    IPv6 tunnelling is an Internet protocol where IPv6 packets are encapsulated within IPv4 packets and carried through the IPv4 infrastructure. That is why users can communicate with others over the IPv6 network via tunnelling even though they are only connected to the IPv4 network in reality.

  • Who is the goIPv6 Consortium?

    The goIPv6 Consortium consists of HKIRC, TraxComm, NTT Com Asia Limited, New Sky Internet Limited, Juniper Networks, Internet Society (Hong Kong Chapter), and Cyberport.

  • What equipment do I need for using goIPv6 once it becomes available?

    Most online equipment, such as personal computers and servers connected to the Internet, should be ready for goIPv6 with the latest firmware or software update. You may need to enable IPv6 on some of your networking devices such as routers or upgrade to IPv6 ready networking devices.

  • How can I start using goIPv6?

    The service is currently available by invitation only. The Consortium anticipates a public launch of goIPv6 in June 2013 (TBC). If you are interested in using the service, please email to eoi@goipv6.hk providing your contact information.

  • What will I need to do to start using goIPv6 when it becomes available?

    You will need to open a goIPv6 user account, and set up your IPv6 tunnel on the goIPv6 registration webpage. Each of these steps shall not take more than three minutes of your time. We target to take you to the IPv6 Internet in the shortest time possible and with the least effort on your part.

  • Why a free service?

    The Consortium hopes that needs and awareness would be created among local website hosts and content providers on IPv6 readiness and eventually business cases for local ISPs in providing commercial IPv6 services. Each partner of the Consortium contributed significant effort and expertise in making goIPv6 a service which is free initially for the public of Hong Kong.

    The service will be free of charge for a limited time. As a trial service with the ultimate aim of creating business case for commercial ISPs, the Consortium shall review the free offering approximately six months into operations.

  • What will you get from goIPv6?

    You will get your own IPv6 address and a “tunnel” from your IPv4 setup to the IPv6 network. Also, as it is a free service, we shall limit the number of tunnels available for registration and the bandwidth of each tunnel. Details of the terms and conditions of the service will be available when you register your goIPv6 account.

If you are interested in using goIPv6, please email to eoi@goIPv6.hk your contact information and intended usage (e.g. home-usage or web-content hosting). We shall contact you once the service becomes available.