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Please visit to conduct testing on your IPv6 website!

IPv6 Test Feedback Form

Please leave us your comments if your have already conducted IPv6 test. Your comments are precious to us for implementing support for IPv6. Please fill in the following online form and press "Send" button.

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* 1.  Overall Test result
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* 2.  Tested website url:

  1. Device used for test
    PC      Notebook      Tablet PC      Mobile      Others:
  2. Browser used for test
    IE Version:
    Firefox Version:
    Chrome Version:
    Safari Version:
    Opera Version:
    Others: Version:
  3. OS used for test
    Windows Type and Version:
    Mac Type and Version:
    Linux Type and Version:
    Others: Type and Version:
  4. Network connectivity
    IPv4      IPv6      Dual Stack      Tunnel e.g. Terodo, 4to6      Others:
  5. Network transport
    DIA      Leased line      Broadband      3G/4G      WIFI      Others:
  6. Customer Premises Equipment being used
    router broadband router 3G modem
    wifi router adsl modem cable modem
  7. Internet access provider
    Broadband service           ISP           Others:

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