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Cyber-Attacks Exploiting Weakness
of the Domain Name System (DNS)

According to 2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Global Survey Report, 122 successful attacks occur per week. On average, 2 successful attacks are found in a company per week, taking 32 days to resolve an incident. Many attacks happened to Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) which is one of the basic building blocks of the Internet to translate Web addresses into numerical IP addresses and serve as a phone book for the Internet.

DNS hacking has been increasing and is a popular way for hackers to obtain access to targeted websites. More critical infrastructure networks, financial institutions and private companies’ websites like Google, Baidu and Microsoft have been hit by cyber-attacks over the past years.

Threats to the DNS protocol can affect the security of Internet as a whole. It is a security loophole that companies should be aware of and get prepared for if they do not want to be the next targets of such attacks.