.hk WATCH is a domain name monitoring service

.hk WATCH is a domain name monitoring service, helping you protect your brand online. By using .hk WATCH, you can monitor the registration of .hk domain names and have an alert sent to notify you if there is a newly registered domain name which may potentially confuse or mislead your targeted audience. This service will reduce the possibility of malicious use of .hk domain names in bad faith and potential brand infringement.

Why use .hk WATCH?

Benefits of using .hk WATCH

.hk WATCH provides you with a reliable, timely monitoring service that protects your brand's right of use. Users can be benefited by:

Who should use .hk WATCH?

How can I subscribe to .hk WATCH?

Please contact your registrar for details. Currently, the HKIRC Accredited Registrars below are providing .hk WATCH service.

HKIRC Accredited Registrars providing .hk WATCH service