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Core Values

Sharpening the edge of enterprises with the multiple values of .hk

Identity of Hong Kong

When it comes to brand image, “I” stands for “Identity of Hong Kong”. A .hk domain name not only carries the meaning of “deeply rooted in Hong Kong”, but also demonstrates a company’s long-term commitment to run its business here. It is the best “local symbol” that delineates a strong focus in the local market and represents the “made in Hong Kong” identity. All these are significant in building confidence among consumers.

For companies dedicated to targeting the Hong Kong market, the .hk domain names also mark an ambitious attempt to operate here. Local enterprises can also leverage the “place-of-origin effects” behind the .hk domain names to help consumers identify the origin of businesses and enhance their brand images.

Case Sharing

Comany Details
Chewy International Foods Ltd.

Chewy International Foods Ltd., an honored local brand registered since 1998 and wanted more people to know about their company from their website. Chewy’s main business is food supplier, this means that building a prestigious brand is important. By using .hk to relate its business in Hong Kong, it reminds people of the nice quality of Hong Kong products, increase the confidence of their products for local and oversea customers.

>> Chewy

Perfume Trees Gin

With business themed with the local culture, Perfume Trees Gin registered .hk in 2019. They choose to use .hk as their products are inspired by the unique Hong Kong culture, and would want to emphasize their bond with Hong Kong. Customers will relate their brand with “Hong Kong products are recognised as quality goods” and increase the confidence of their products for local and overseas customers. Using .hk also echoes with the company’s local image, creating intimacy with customers.

>> Perfumes Tree Gin

PixelByte Technology

PixelByte Technology is a typical Hong Kong SME. They registered in 2011, as their business focus on local clients, and would like to show its business location.

>> PixelByte Technology


Based in Denmark, Jabra registered .hk in 2004 when they enter the Hong Kong market. The reason behind this is to show business localization and determination in Hong Kong. By using a .hk website just for the Hong Kong customer shows their commitment to their local customers. With a localised website, Jabra lets customers know that when facing technical problems, they can always count on their local customer service team, which increases their market competitiveness.

>> Jabra


Ranking high in search engine optimisation

A common challenge faced by small and medium-sized businesses is “getting exposed to potential customers online. One of the core values of .hk domain names is “R” which stands for “ranking high in search engine”.

By magnifying organic exposure through search engine optimisation, enterprises are able to improve keyword ranking of their websites and become more searchable in the digital world. In addition to attracting more visitors to the website, this also maximises click through rate and exposure rate, bringing in more potential customers and helping enterprises develop long-term business values.

The reality is, if consumers cannot even find your corporate website in the first few pages of the search results, how would they know your products or services by organic search? “.hk” on one hand helps achieve higher search ranking in Hong Kong, and on the other hand raises the profile of businesses anchoring in Hong Kong. It strategically promotes the business and generates long-term revenues.

Customer’s confidence

Adopting .hk domain names ensures both “C”onfidence and “C”yber Safety, giving customers peace of mind when they are viewing web pages and making online transactions. It is because enterprises have to submit business certification documents to verify their identities in order to register for .hk domain name. This ensures their websites are genuine. According to a survey conducted by HKIRC, credibility has become a critical factor when local consumers select an online shop. The two most popular domain name extensions are “” and “.hk”, while “.com” only ranks third.

Many retailers agree that using a .hk domain name and .hk email address is a pragmatic way to develop the Hong Kong market. Phishing is more rarely seen in .hk websites as compared to other .com domains. The secure network environment enables customers to stay confident when shopping online.

Furthermore, “.hk” comes with various complementary, value-adding online security services. Apart from 24 x 7 technical support, free website scanning and anomalies detection services are offered by the network security system to customers who have registered the “Free In-depth Website Security Scan Services” to combat ransomware and ever-growing cybersecurity threats. The procedures are performed transparently without bordering users or interrupting normal operations of the website.

Case Sharing

Company Details
Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

As Hong Kong’s first virtual insurance company, Bowtie uses to expand their online insurance business. Unlike .com and other domains, they know the registration of .hk is strict and more secured from phishing websites. Website security holds an important part in the insurance business, thus Bowtie believes that using will not only help to recruit new customers, but can increase customer confidence when using online transactions.

>> Bowtie


When SynCab was first found, they only have mobile apps and hotlines. When they noticed that it is not easy for customers to download a mobile app, they will need a website to do promotions and increase customer confidence. SynCab believes that as their website will require customer contact information for booking a taxi, a secured domain is the main reason to choose .hk. They choose to increase customer confidence in its website.

>> Syncab