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Since late 2013, more than 1,000 new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are being introduced to the Internet, forever changing the landscape of online naming and branding strategy. TLD is the last part, or the part to the right of the rightmost dot “.” of a website and email address. For instance, “.hk” is the TLD for Hong Kong.

HKIRC is a veteran organisation in the domain name industry offering secure and high-availability technical infrastructure, reliable TLD operations, trustworthy domain name registration services, and strategic domain name consulting services for the Hong Kong community.

HKIRC’s area of expertise:


We provide advisory service to Hong Kong companies and Internet users on domain name related issues.

TLD Registry Operations

We can help run your TLD. We have 10+years of experience in managing .hk, one of the most secure and reliable TLDs.

New TLD Application

We have proven track record with successful new TLD application and we are your preferred partner if you want to start a new TLD.

Currently, the new gTLD application program from ICANN has been closed. Please contact us and share with us your plan for applying for your own TLD at the next opportunity available. We are more than happy to plan ahead with you and provide you with our proposal and recommendations.

Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part, or the part to the right of the rightmost dot “.” of a website and email address. Currently, there are 200+ top level domains online, for instance, the famous three-letter TLD like .com and .org, and other two-letter TLD representing countries and territories like .hk (Hong Kong) and .cn (China). Later in 2012, this last part of the Internet website and email addresses will not be limited to the existing 200+ names. You can apply for your own TLD of your choice in English, Chinese and other languages. If the TLD of your choice is “.myname”, your website can have an address like https://www.myname and your email address can become me@mail.myname. You can let customers register their domain names under your TLD at a price, or simply distribute the names to members of your organisation.

Why you might consider having your own TLD?
  • You want to protect and market your brand. Names of your websites will have your brand name at the end; your email addresses as well
  • Outstanding, shorter, and easier to remember web and email addresses.
  • Some TLD are proven to have good investment value, like .com or .org.
  • You are futuristic and can come up with innovative uses of the new TLD.
  • You want your own TLD in Chinese or other languages.

HKIRC can help with the application of your new TLD

  • We have close working relationship with ICANN and are familiar with the ICANN procedures.
  • We successfully applied for the new .香港 (Chinese characters for “Hong Kong”)TLD in 2010 from ICANN. The new TLD was also launched successfully in March 2011.
  • We are based in Hong Kong. We speak your language and understand your business operations better than others. You save a lot of cost and time compared with using an overseas consultant.
  • HKIRC is the Hong Kong government designated non-profit-making organization managing the Hong Kong country-code TLD .hk and .香港. We have years of experience in administering a critical Internet infrastructure for Hong Kong.
  • You do not have to go through the 300+ pages Applicant Guidebook and attend to the application process that could last from 9 to 20 months. We will do that for you.
  • You will have the peace of mind and be rest assured that you have us on your side for all the liaisons with ICANN. We will be the one managing the time-zone difference with the US-based ICANN and traveling to meetings for you.
  • Once the application succeeds, we can take care of the technical delegation process and be your registry operator. We are experienced in the process and have been running the registry for .hk and .香港 for years.
  • The ICANN New gTLD process is a new and latest development of the Internet; it is important to get somebody who possesses the track record and expertise, someone who understands the ICANN operations to help.
  • We offer competitive price.

Domain Name Management Consultancy

We can navigate you through the internet namespace and help you manage your domain name portfolio. HKIRC is based in Hong Kong; we speak your language and understand your business needs better than others. Mandated to promote the use of internet in Hong Kong, HKIRC as a non-profit organisation can offer the most cost-effective solutions you will find in the market.

Welcome to contact us via or call 2319 2303 for further information.