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In addition, virtual insurance business is highly reliant on a steady and safe network system to maintain routine operations, sales and management of customers’ personal data. The domain name server administrated by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC) has been maintaining an uninterrupted online rate for years. As an online insurer, we highly value network security. The online status of HKIRC is steady and reliable, ensuring the stability and security of our online services at all times and assuring our customers while using our products.

Mr Fred NGAN
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited


As its offerings are closely bound up with the daily life and travel activities of the general public, Octopus adopted an access-friendly design for its website as early as more than a decade ago, so that everyone can easily access the website for information. Octopus adopted a website design featuring digital inclusion and the spirit of caring for the society, and it also gave strong support for “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme” initiated by HKIRC.

Mr Sammy KAM
Chief Operations Officer
Octopus Cards Limited


“Business Go”, a B2B (business-to-business) digital sharing platform, applied “.hk” domain name when it was launched in Hong Kong in 2020, providing local SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs with business insights, connection and opportunities in addition to conventional banking services. The digital content of the platform is well received by the audiences, and many key words rank high on search engine. For example, when searching information on opening online stores and restocking, the articles posted by Business Go often appear at the top of the search result list.

Mr Jaff LAU
Managing Director, Head of Strategy and Innovation
HSBC Commercial Banking