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Mr CHAN Tik Yuen, Leonard (Duty Chairman)

Mr CHAN Tik Yuen, Leonard (Deputy Chairman)

Deputy Chairman

Mr CHAN Tik Yuen, Leonard 

(Demand Class)

CCF Distinguished Member
BCS Chartered Fellow (FCBS CITP)
Leonard Chan is the founder and CEO of Limited. Leonard is a well-seasoned technologist and innovator, boasting over 30 years of experience in research and development for industrial automation systems, online advertising and digital publishing solutions. Leonard was a pivotal figure in propagating and popularizing Jin Yong’s martial arts novels in electronic versions around the world. Leonard has also been deeply involved in the realm of cyber security and advocating its importance to citizens and enterprises alike through his media presence.

In the world of technology advancement, the technology patented by Leonard revamps data tape for embroidery into a modifiable digital format. During the past 30 years, he has directed and collaborated in a plethora of cutting-edge technologies and garnered multiple accolades, including the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Awards for the Best Business System Awards, two awards from APICTA, WSA: m-Media & News, Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Machinery and Equipment Design Award, Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Technology Achievement Award, Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Productivity and Quality Award, and other noteworthy local and international recognitions. Beyond technology, Leonard is involved in numerous mentorship programs, including as Star Mentor of the 2nd Cohort of Strive and Rise Programme by the HKSAR government; Leonard also actively promotes STEAM education. He additionally holds the position as school managers in two schools.

Leonard is an eminent Distinguished Member of Chinese Computer Federation, Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Directors, Fellow of Hong Kong Computer Society, Chartered Fellow of British Computer Society, Member of IEEE and ACM. His public positions include Chairman of Hong Kong Innovative Technology Development Association, Deputy Chairman of Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), Ordinary Member of Travel Industry Authority (TIA), Deputy Director of Center for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and World Affairs Studies at Communication University of China (CUC), Member of the Qualifications Framework ICT ITAC, Member-Representative of the Chinese Computer Federation, Vice Chairman of the GBA 5G Industry Alliance, Member of the Vetting Committee on IT Innovation Lab Programme in Schools, etc. Additionally, he was previously Vice President of the Hong Kong Computer Society.