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HKIRC eNews 2023 Q3


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HKIRC x APNIC Network Security Workshop


In light of the rapidly advancing sciences and the widespread adoption of various

technologies in global markets, there is growing concern about the rising complexity of securing the digital ecosystem and the expanding scope of cyber-attacks carried out by malicious actors.

On the 6th and 7th of July, HKIRC, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Network

Information Center (“APNIC”), co-hosted a workshop that aimed to explore key concepts, protocols, policies, and practices that can be employed to safeguard data and assets from potential attacks or misuse.



Ethical Phishing Campaign 2023


The “Ethical Phishing Campaign 2023” co-organized by HKIRC and the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Division of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) has been successfully completed. A press conference was held at the Police Headquarters to share the results of the exercise. This is the first time that HKIRC and the Police co-organize the exercise. The number of participating organizations and staff has been increased, with the scale of the programme nearly tripled compared to last year, with a total of 185 organizations and a total of 10,326 staff participating in the exercise. In particular, it is encouraging to note that the active participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been effective in raising the industry’s awareness.



HKIRC Cyber Youth Programme 2023 Award Presentation Ceremony


The HKIRC Cyber Youth Programme 2023 Award Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 15 August. This is the first cyber security youth programme in Hong Kong with the theme of “Cyber Security Introductory and Vulnerability Prevention Training Program”. It aims to encourage young people to participate in cyber security, discover and report website vulnerabilities, and enhance their awareness of cyber security and their ability to resist cyber attacks. It is also hoped that through this programme, new forces in the industry will be identified, and more outstanding talents will be trained for the cyber security industry.


Cybersec Infohub

Cybersec Infohub Annual Professional Workshop 2023:

Navigating through the Changing Cyber Security Landscape


The Cybersec Infohub Annual Professional Workshop 2023, jointly organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and HKIRC, was successfully concluded! As one of the programmes of Cybersecurity Week 2023 organized by the OGCIO, the theme of this year’s event was “Navigating through the Changing Cyber Security Landscape”. Cybersecurity experts were invited to share with us the latest cybersecurity trends and ways to cope with the situation. The event also recognized members who have made outstanding contributions to the Cybersec Infohub platform over the past year. It is hoped that more new members of the industry will participate in the event in the future, so that they can share the latest security information at any time, and work together to build a more secure cyber environment!


Register as a member of Cybersec Infohub to keep up with the latest network security information:


Security Health Checking Service “Healthy Web”


HKIRC has always attached great importance to the Internet security of .hk users. In order to improve the website security of .hk users, HKIRC will launch a new website initial security health checking service “Healthy Web” to assist .hk users to review the use of their website security technology by following the criteria of OWASP Top 10. If any material adverse findings such as the disability of application security setting or the use of vulnerable website servers, etc. have been discovered, HKIRC will inform users of the appropriate precautions so that they can understand the potential risks of the website as soon as practicable and strengthen their awareness of the need to protect it.


Promoting ‘.hk’ Value and Cybersecurity


Through various online platforms and channels, HKIRC promotes the benefits and value of using “.hk”, as well as the importance of cybersecurity from different perspectives. At the same time, HKIRC hopes to establish a more profound brand image and deepen its brand positioning through a series of stylistic promotional materials.