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HKIRC eNews 2023 Q4


HKIRC 2023 Q4 e-news (2)Cybersecurity Symposium 2023

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Co-organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited (HKIRC), the “Cybersecurity Symposium 2023” was successfully held on 14 December, creating opportunities for the cyber security industry in Hong Kong and China to exchange views and strengthen the protection of different enterprises and organisations.

The forum extended invitations to esteemed network security experts and 18 solution vendors from Mainland China and Hong Kong, with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge cybersecurity information and comprehensive solutions. The event garnered significant interest, with an impressive turnout of over 450 attendees representing approximately 200 public and private institutions, and received an overwhelmingly positive response.


Digital Accessibility Recognition Scheme 

To further focus on digital accessibility practices in smart cities and to ensure that digital infrastructures, applications and webpages are equipped with accessibility features, the scheme has officially been renamed from the “Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme” to the “Digital Accessibility Recognition Scheme.”

The scheme is now open for applications. For details, please visit: 


Experiential Booth with Dialogue in the Dark

HKIRC has established a partnership with Dialogue in the Dark to offer experiential booths at various events and universities. These booths aim to educate participants on the significance of incorporating accessible design principles into the development of websites and mobile apps. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities when using digital devices in their daily lives.

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Promoting ‘.hk’ Value and Cybersecurity 

Through various online platforms and channels, HKIRC promotes the benefits and value of using “.hk”, as well as the importance of cybersecurity from different perspectives. At the same time, HKIRC hopes to establish a more profound brand image and deepen its brand positioning through a series of stylistic promotional materials.


  • Promotion of .hk domain name as brand protection at The HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Show in April.

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  • Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2022-2023 Awards Presentation Ceremony was held to bring public recognitions to companies that embrace digital accessibility. 

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  • The Asia Pacific Domain Name System Forum 2023 held on 4-5 July gathered more than 400 international participants from various regions across the Asia-Pacific.

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  • The HKIRC Cyber Youth Programme 2023 has concluded with resounding success, receiving positive response from over 80 schools across Hong Kong, boasting the participation of over 1,000 enthusiastic students.


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  • Aligned with the Cybersecurity Week 2023, this year’s Cybersec Infohub Annual Workshop centered around the theme “Navigating through the Changing Cyber Security Landscape.”


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