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HKIRC participating in CyberDefenders’ Carnival 2024


HKIRC participating in CyberDefenders’ Carnival 2024 


Organised by The Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau (CSTCB) of the Hong Kong Police Force, the “CyberDefenders’ Carnival 2024” was held at at HarbourChill, Wan Chai on 20 January. The event provided an opportunity for the general public to enhance their understanding of cybersecurity through a range of activities, including informative performances, interactive games at booths, and an impressive drone light show. These activities aimed to help attendees identify fraudulent schemes and online pitfalls, ultimately raising their awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity.

HKIRC is delighted to have been invited to participate in this esteemed event. As a testament to our dedication to cybersecurity, we organized a quiz game to assess participants’ knowledge in this field. Additionally, we set up a booth where attendees could engage in customized gift design, allowing them to express their creativity and leave with personalized mementos. Moving forward, HKIRC remains committed to promoting cybersecurity at all levels. We will continue to disseminate relevant information to the public through various platforms and implement publicity and education programs, all aimed at strengthening public awareness and understanding of cybersecurity.

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