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Change of Registrar

Forget Authorization Code

If you want to let another registrar manage your domain, you will have to provide a specific code (we call it Authorisation Code) to the new registrar. This code is very important for HKIRC (the registry) to verify that you have authorised this new registrar to manage your domain and that this new registrar can access to your registration and contact information of your domain. In normal situation, your existing or new registrar can help you request for the code sent to your email address. If they do not do so, you can get the code by doing the below step:

Domain Name:
Email Address of Registrant:
(You shall type the correct registrant email address. The Authorization Code will be sent to the email)

If the Registrant email address you provided is not correct or you have forgotten your email address, click here. The procedure follows is to make sure your Authorisation Code will not be released to any unauthorised parties.