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Registrar FAQ

Non-Technical FAQ

1. What is the role of a registrar?

A registrar provides registration service to and enters into a registration agreement with the domain name holder. Registrar shall provide customer services to and handle enquiries and complaints from the domain name holders. Registrars shall provide all “after-sale” services directly to domain name holders such as renewal, change of contact information, transfer, etc.

2. How do I become a HKIRC-accredited registrar?

HKIRC will consider accrediting an applicant only if it meets the accreditation criteria, passes the technical testing procedures and pays up the required fee. Please visit here for the procedures of becoming a HKIRC-accredited registrar.

3. What are the accreditation criteria for becoming an HKIRC-accredited registrar?

The accreditation criteria are the minimum requirements to be met by the applicant for becoming a HKIRC-accredited registrar. They include:

(1) The applicant shall have had not less than six months’ continuous experience in the registration of Internet domain names within the period of 12 months preceding its application,

(2) The applicant, if a corporate, shall at all times remain a valid, registered and solvent company,

(3) The applicant must have the financial and technical capability and necessary hardware and software to carry out all of its functions as a registrar,

(4) The applicant shall demonstrate its ability to provide prompt service to registrants for their registration needs, and

(5) The applicant shall pay the required fee

In addition, registrar shall meet the performance objectives prescribed by HKIRC in order to maintain the status of HKIRC-accredited registrar.

Please visit here for more details.

4. What are the fees to pay to become a HKIRC-accredited registrar?

The fees consist of:

(1) Fees for accreditation

(a) Application fee of HK$10,000, which shall be a one-off and non-refundable payment.
(b) Accreditation fee of HK$10,000 per annum. The accreditation fee is non-refundable

(2) Minimum balance requirement

The registrar shall at all times maintain a minimum balance, as follows:

No. of .hk / .香港registrations Minimum balance (HK$)
5,000 or less $15 per domain name up to a total of $50,000
5,001 to 10,000 $10 per domain name up to a total of $75,000
10,001 to 30,000 $7.5 per domain name up to a total of $150,000
More than 30,000 $5 per domain name

(3) Fee for domain name service.

Please visit here for more details.

5. What protocol will HKIRC provide for registrars to update and register domain name registration information to the registry database?

HKIRC will provide a web-based registrar administrative system and an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) to registrar for this purpose.