2015 Digital Marketplace Seminar
2015 數碼市場研討會 Digital Marketplace Seminar 2015


Digital Marketplace Seminar “Sharing Economy – Opportunities and Threats”


2015 年 8 月 13 日 (星期四) 13 August 2015 (Thursday)
上午 9 時至下午 6 時 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
香港數碼港道100號數碼港3座(F 區)3樓會議廳 Function Room, Core F, Level 3, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road
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近年,互聯網凝聚著一股新經濟及創新力量,稱為「共享經濟」模式。這模式由個人與個人P2P (peer-to-peer) 主導,利用科技及創新作雙向互動、於網上直接進行買賣或分享。這新模式深受千禧一代歡迎,並且帶來巨大商機。鑒於「共享經濟」正以前所未有的速度去改變我們的未來,貴司會否為迎接下一個新挑戰作出準備呢?

由HKIRC舉辦的第七屆數碼市場研討會 (DMP) ,今年主題為「共享經濟:機遇與威脅」。在研討會上,本地公司、中小企、業界領先者和與會者皆可掌握市場第一手資訊,探討數碼市場的趨勢,以及由「共享經濟」所帶來的機遇與挑戰,及有關科技的最新發展。


Powered by the Internet, the Sharing Economy has recently become a significant innovative and economic force. New P2P (peer-to-peer/person-to-person) business models, driven by technology, the internet and innovative ideas have been embraced by the millennial generation, creating great business potential. Given the fact that the Sharing Economy is shaping our future faster than ever before, the big question is whether your company is prepared for the next wave of challenges?

Organised by HKIRC, the 7th Digital Marketplace Seminar (DMP) themed the “Sharing Economy – Opportunities and Threats”, provides an opportunity for local business, SMEs, industry pioneers and participants to exchange views and get first-hand market knowledge. This year, we will discuss the emerging trends of the Sharing Economy, its opportunities and threats and key technological developments driving the marketplace.




Latest development in online opportunities and threats for local business, P2P lending, social media sharing, online co-creation and collaboration, success case studies.

Talks, exhibitions and forums will be organised during the DMP seminar. It is a great opportunity for participants to get ahead of the pack and explore opportunities in the era of the Sharing Economy. 

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