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HKIRC always strives to be at the forefront of the domain registration and Internet technology. With the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in 2011, it is already known that IPv6 is the future of the Internet. As the custodian of a critical Internet infrastructure in Hong Kong, HKIRC is obliged to lead by example the adoption and implementation of IPv6 by service providers and users alike.

Full IPv6 support

We would like to let you know that we already have full IPv6 support for both our domain name registration platform and DNS service.

Our own IPv6 addresses

HKIRC has been assigned a range of IPv6 addresses and we have them enabled in our systems to provide IPv6 services.

Domain name registration and glue records

Registrants can use IPv6 addresses with .hk and .香港 domain names. Registrants can use their .hk domain names for naming name servers with IPv6 addresses by providing their IPv6 glue records to us.

DNS query over IPv6

HKIRC have domain name servers running on "dual stack" (i.e. supporting IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously), thus we support users that use IPv6 for querying DNS.

Ready to support your IPv6 needs

Our services including the HKIRC websites, WHOIS, Registrar platform (with EPP) and Service partners’ platform (with API) are all IPv6 enabled. Through the implementation, we have accumulated valuable experience with real-life IPv6 deployment. We are ready to support your IPv6 needs related to your .hk and ".香港"domain names.